Parent Councillor Election

Dear Parent/Carer

Monkton Wood Academy Parent Councillor Election

Following my letter of 5 October 2023, the Academy has received 3 nominations for the role of Parent Councillor. An election will now take place. Please click here to go to your electronic ballot paper which must be completed by 5pm on 24 November 2023. Alternatively, a ballot box will be located at Reception where you will be able to complete your ballot paper.

The total votes each parent or carer may cast equates to the number of vacancies for Parent Councillors on the Academy Council, in this instance it is two. In this election, parents/carers may each cast one vote, regardless of the number of children you have in the Academy.

The role of the Parent Councillor is to bring a parental perspective to the strategic decisions the Councillors make. This will support the Council to make good decisions and maintain a link between governance and the parent community.

A short message from each person standing for election is given below for your consideration.

Mrs Hawkins

I have 3 children aged 20,18 &14. All three have attended Heathfield and my youngest has just started in year 9. I have a HNND in Business and Finance which I feel would benefit the Academy. I have had many experiences with various professional bodies, some due to having 3 children with SEN needs, which has allowed me to be able to communicate with people on all levels.

My aim would be to help the Academy to improve the communication between school and parents and to communicate new ideas, drawing on my expertise. I am also interested in pathways into Post 16, such as A Levels and modern apprenticeships.

Laura Lewis

The eldest of my three sons, along with many of his friends, has recently taken the big step from primary school into Heathfield Community School, soon to be Monkton Wood Academy. Like many parents of children starting out in a school that has a long improvement journey ahead, I am apprehensive, but also optimistic about the future. I believe that the whole community has a role to play in the school’s destiny – and that parents, carers and families have the power to positively influence the school in favour of better outcomes for our children.

In terms of career, I work in a regional leadership role in Digital Transformation at NHS England South West. There are many key skills that I use in my job role that would be beneficial to the Parent Council, including building positive relationships, influencing and persuading, creating a vision of a better future, evidenced-based decision-making and delivering positive change through people. I have experience in the centre of government, in the Department of Health, working directly with ministers. If you are looking for a parent councillor who is politically astute and confident in speaking truth to power on behalf of the school, I should be a good fit. I am passionate about securing a better future for the next generation and believe that building positive relationships, strong communities and core life skills should be at the centre of our children’s education.

Alison Watson

I have four children, two of whom are still in education.

I currently work as a Learning Disability Trainer for a Health Care Service. My background is within health, children’s mental health and further education. I have been predominantly involved within quality management and staff development for the past twenty years.

I have worked alongside multiple organisations striving to improve the quality of education and well-being for young people and adults. I have had the fortunate opportunity to lead projects within education, the local authorities and the community.

Hopefully I will be able to bring over some of these skills to support the Academy Council.

Yours faithfully
Hannah Jones

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