Heathfield pupils rescue dog from busy main road

Two students have been praised for their heroic effort in saving a lost dog that they rescued a dog from a busy main road.

Eliza Collins and Breanna Chibueke, both in Year 9 at Heathfield Community School, spotted Elsa the labradoodle on the loose on a busy major road. The girls didn’t hesitate and managed to catch the dog and hold on to it until Eliza’s mum Jodie Cornwall arrived to collect them and return the dog safely to its owner Sally Talbot.

Elsa has gone missing twice before through a hole in the garden fence and both times she has been taken a pet superstore where Sally collected her. Sally has now found the hole in the garden and blocked it up.

Sally said: “Huge thanks to Eliza and Breanna for rescuing my little dog Elsa from the busy road on their way to school and waiting with her until Eliza’s mother arrived to return her to me.

“I was really worried about her. The girls probably saved her life, and I can’t say how grateful I am, they are a credit to their parents and Heathfield school. Thank you, Eliza and Breanna.”

Eliza & Breanna said: “We were walking to school near the Beefeater at around 8.15am when we saw a dog in the middle of the road. At first the dog ran to us, but quickly ran off again. We followed the dog into a hedge where we picked her up. We stayed with the dog until Eliza’s mum came then we took her back to her owner.”

Hannah Jones, Principal of Heathfield Community School, said: “We couldn’t be prouder of these girls and their actions. They recognised that Elsa was in danger and acted quickly and responsibly to potentially save the dog’s life and get her safely home. Well done to them both!”

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